F4 Art Collective


A family re-enacts and documents an imagined past in order to investigate representation. Without clear boundaries to define their world the gulf that separates them from their personal histories, has created an incomprehension they struggle relentlessly to overcome, as if one sense has failed, and the other four cannot attune to the loss.

An actual family document imagined experience, constituting an ethnographic inventory, which forms the basis of a family history. The interweaving of documentary and fantasy within a photographic space raises questions about the mediated nature of the cultural construct; family.

 The Unfound


2017 Taipei Artist Residency Taiwan

2011 Kaunas Biennial Lithuania.

2011 Category I Winners Phodar Biennial  Bulgaria.

2010 Artists in Residence ISCP Brooklyn New York.

2009 Winners Paramount Award James Wallace Trust New Zealand.


F4 Collective jowseywilliams@gmail.com